Please bring a mat, water and a towel. You’re also welcome to bring props such as blocks, straps or bolsters if needed.  

Classic Hot Yoga

A 60 minute class in a hot room incorporating 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises as taught  in Bikram’s original Yoga For Beginners. This class is intelligently sequenced to heal the body and mind inside out, top to bottom.  Modifications given for all body types, work hard and feel the benefits. Click here to find out how to prepare and get the most out of your hot yoga class.


A dynamic vinyasa flow class in a heated room combining various other styles of yoga for a fun, contemporary, strength building class.

Warm Gentle

A nurturing flow class in a warm room incorporating restorative postures, ideal for beginners and those looking to wind down.  


A moving meditation combining breath with movement in a traditional sequence of postures. The body builds its own heat by going through sun salutations and vinyasa flows to help the student go deeper into postures. A healing yet dynamic class to build strength and flexibility.


A strength and stamina building class loosely based in the ashtanga sequence in a heated room.


A restorative yoga class for all bodies in a warm room. A sequence of postures mainly on the floor, held for 3-5 minutes each using gravity to allow muscles to relax and open up.  Perfect for beginners or those looking to relax.

Post-natal Yoga

A yoga class for post-natal women to heal their bodies after birth. You are invited to bring your non-crawling baby too!


A class to target musculoskeletal imbalances by applying fundamental Pilates techniques and exercises. See your posture and general functional mobility improve.

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